Efficient Commercial HVAC Services

Few things turn away customers like a business that has a dysfunctional heating and AC system. If yours is having problems, don’t make your guests and employees uncomfortable. Our goal is to keep your facility or business operating as efficiently and effectively as possible in order to avoid expensive and wasteful downtime. Depend on Paramount Mechanical Corp for complete commercial HVAC services.

Whether you need emergency HVAC repair or commercial HVAC installation, Paramount Mechanical Corp can fulfill your needs. We have assembled a highly skilled and dedicated staff to meet your specific challenges. Our technicians install, service, and maintain all types of equipment from all the manufacturers within the commercial market. Our expertise includes:

  • Chiller-Centrifugal, Reciprocating, Screw, Mag, Bearing, Air Cooled, Rotary, Modular, & Absorption
  • Boilers (HWH & Steam) – Steam, Fuel Oil, Electric, & Gas
  • Cooling Towers, Heat Exchangers
  • Pumps
  • Ice Plant Generation & Storage Systems
  • Direct Digital, Electric, Electronic, or Pneumatic-Temperature Controls
  • Facility Management

Stay Comfortable All Year Long

Improve your level of indoor comfort. As a trusted commercial HVAC contractor, we are available 24 hours a day to service your equipment. In addition, we provide annual maintenance service agreements to extend the life of your equipment and save you money. Schedule an inspection and estimate if you require any of the following:

  • 24-Hour, Emergency Commercial HVAC Repair
  • Repair, Retrofit, or Supplementation of HVAC Central Plant or Unitary HVAC Equipment
  • Chiller Repair, Rebuild, or Replacement
  • Non-Destructive Testing (Vibration Analysis, Eddy Current, & Megger Insulation)
  • HVAC Piping System Modifications, Expansions, or Upgrades (Water, Steam, Gas, Fuel Oil, or Refrigeration)
  • Clean Room Process & Manufacturing of Lab Equipment, High Purity, Orgital Welding & Piping Systems
  • System Performance & Energy Saving (Testing & Evaluation)
  • Temporary Heating, Cooling, & Electric (Short & Long Term) of Central Plant or Unitary, Piping, & Equipment

Contact us if you’re having problems with your HVAC system and need an inspection. We proudly serve clients throughout the Washington DC Metropolitan.