January 27, 2023

What’s the Difference Between VRV vs. VRF?

VRF and VRV systems

If you are in the market for a new HVAC system, you may have come across terms like VRF and VRV systems. It’s important to know the difference between these two systems so that you can make an informed decision about which one is best for your home or business. Paramount Mechanical is here to explain the differences!

VRF and VRV Systems

First, you need to know that VRF and VRV refer to the same type of HVAC system technology. The term  VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume1) is registered by Daikin, a technology leader in the HVAC industry. Because of the name trademark, all other companies use the term VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow2) for their similar HVAC systems. The common name you will hear for these systems is VRF. The term VRF will be used throughout this article.

VRF System Basics

The Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system is a form of air conditioning that utilizes variable refrigerant flow technology, allowing it to adapt to changing weather conditions and room occupancy levels. This type of system is highly efficient as well as sophisticated and can be used in both residential and commercial settings. The main advantage of using a VRF system is its ability to control different temperatures in different areas simultaneously while still maintaining energy efficiency.

VRF HVAC System Types:

  • Cooling Only systems (less popular): Heating is not an option. Used in data centers where heating is not a concern.
  • Heat Pump systems (most popular): Can both heat and cool–not at the same time.
  • Heat Recovery systems (less popular): Cooling and heating are available by each indoor unit, independently, at the same time.

Benefits of Installing a New HVAC System 

No matter which type of HVAC system you choose, there are numerous benefits associated with installing a new one over an older model. Not only will having an up-to-date HVAC system mean improved energy efficiency and cost savings on your utility bills, but it will also extend the life of your existing equipment by reducing wear and tear caused by inefficient use over time. 

Additionally, newer models tend to come with warranties that cover any potential problems should anything go wrong down the line – something not usually offered with older models where parts may be difficult or impossible to replace due to obsolescence issues or lack of availability from suppliers due to age or cost considerations.  Finally, newer models are quieter than their older counterparts so if noise levels are a concern then this could be beneficial too!

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Choosing an HVAC System can seem daunting at first glance but understanding the differences between systems can help simplify matters significantly! Many offer great efficiency rates but depending on your particular needs one might prove better suited than another. Always consider your options carefully before making any final decisions when selecting an appropriate HVAC solution for any premises or building! 

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